Albrecht von Alvensleben

Who are you?

I wish i could just answer in images, but that’s not how this interview works.

Where are you from?

Well, i was born in namibia, but i am german.

What do you do?

I take pictures and build buildings.

© Albrecht von Alvensleben

Your style in 3 words?

Curious, quiet, aware.

What is your weakness?

Easily distracted.

What is your strength?


What makes you different?

I have one vertebrae less than other humans.

What inspires you?


Any new projects coming up, you want to tell us about?

Im interested in exploring the architectural blunders of rural germany in this era.

© Albrecht von Alvensleben
© Albrecht von Alvensleben
© Albrecht von Alvensleben

photos by Albrecht von Alvensleben/tumblr

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