A bit of art a bit music

Yet again we had one of those amazing weekends, the way one can probably only experience them in Berlin… Going with the flow we found ourselves in a random place after another but always in the name of art and music!

We firstly joined a friend in a small and very inspiring warehouse in Kreuzberg filled with skulls, art and artists dancing away to a mix of electro and oldies. At Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 we admired Annette Streyl’s exhibition Horror and Beauty at Levy Berlin (until 10.12.11). The artist is interested in the phenomenon of social housing projects and reinterprets them by producing cutouts of Bauhaus-architecture such as the Hansaviertel and Bruno Taut’s buildings. At last we danced away to the beeeeest music of the beeeest DJs at Fly BermudaFestival, the annual grand finale of the Berlin Music Days… Magic to say the least.

Levy Berlin

Fly BermudaFestival

by Cosima Bucarelli